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 TESOL course about "how to learn a second language"

Learning a second language is never going to be easy for anyone since language is not just a subject, it also includes residents’ habits of living, local culture, and the civilization of human beings. So learning a language will always require people to spend lots of effort as well as time. However, there are many strategies that can be very helpful while learning a second language.


TESOL Observational learning

I realized that learning a language well does not mean translate well; there are lots distinct methods to express meanings, and sometimes these can only be learned by understanding but not just translating from one language to another.

And that’s when I started to learn by observing. As defined in the book, “observation refers to the purposeful examination of teaching and/or learning events through systematic processes of data collection and analysis.” From the classes that I took at school, I learned to pick up the ways that the instructors used to ask and answer questions, and tried to practice while I had chances to study in groups. That is when I started to make an obvious progress as an ESL student.

TESOL Experiential learning

One of the most powerful learning methods that I found very functional was called experiential learning which means learn by doing. “Experiential learning focuses on the idea that the best ways to learn things is by actually having experiences.

Those experiences then stick out in your mind and help you retain information and remember facts. Since vocabularies are the fundamental of using English, it is essential for students to memorize as many as they can. However, the process of memorizing is very dry and boring, so for most of the time I chose to learn new words by doing things in English that I’m interested in such as playing games, learning a new recipe, watching movies, and etc.


All of these activities helped me became familiar with lots of vocabularies which I did not try to memorize intentionally. However, there are some drawbacks of learning English by using this method; for example, I know how to use most of these words while I need to communicating, but will not recognize them when I am reading or cannot remember the correct spelling when writing.

Overall, there are innumerable strategies that a second language learner can use while studying; finding the most suitable way for themselves will be the most efficient way to make a progress.                   





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